Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I hate you!!

"I hate you!"
I have heard this phrase quite a bit from my 7yr old daughter recently but tonight was the best. Who would have thought it would only take 7yrs to kick one of the kids out of the house? She got angry cause Jake would not let her watch a movie while cleaning out the van. As she reasoned with us and yelled and screamed and told us how much she hated us she added "I am never coming back into this house again!" slamming the door behind her as she went back to cleaning the van. How literally should I take her? How long do you think this threat will last?
Love the girl!


Cherie said...

As bad as this sounds... I am SO glad to hear that Liza is doing this because Andre has been on one lately! He is ALWAYS mad at us because we are so MEAN! And he was packing to move out the other day also! Bryan and I have worried that we are doing something wrong because he has been on one lately, but knowing that other kids are going through it too, makes me feel a little bit better!

Krista said...

I am so glad Rhiannon got my husbands temper. She's so even keeled I'm often tempted to check her pulse.

snowann said...

It has got to be the age! Hopefully it doesn't last long!

Aprile said...

Benjamin has been telling us for over a year how much he hates us. I feel like there is no need to try for another baby, because I am already raising a teenage girl in a little boy's body. Whoever had to discipline him is the one who he wishes was not in his family.