Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's day!

Yesterday Liza gave us the history of Valentine's day and was super excited to share all the candy she had received at school on Thursday, today we are just lazing. The kids are heading to a neighbors house for a sleep over (Thanks Melissa!) where I am sure they will be the best Valentines day ever! At least Liza should feel that way as there will be 6boys and Eliza.

I awoke to a lovely display of sticky notes expressing someones love for me. It was very cute for someone who plays unromantic, and clueless when it comes to expressing his love.I got to thinking of my first real Valentine's date. It was the February after I turned sixteen. My then boyfriend, Monte went to get lengths to make the night romantic. He showed up at the door with roses and a stuffed Gund Penguin (my favorite animal). His best friend was dressed in a suit and chauffeured us back to Monte's house. As we drove up, In his front yard he had stomped out a heart in the snow and a 3 and a 13 in the middle (C being the 3rd letter of the alphabet and M being the 13th). I know Geeky! but I thought it sooo romantic. There awaited us a candle lit dinner inside. He had helped his mother make Lasagna and salad and French bread and some sort of chocolate dessert. While we were finishing dessert our friend/chauffeur/waiter for the night drove around town to pick up a few of our friends to join us for a the rest of the evening. We danced a little in the living room to the Lion King soundtrack while we waited for our friends then watched the Lion King once everyone arrived. During the movie, Alanna my best friend taught Monte how to French braid my hair, which I thought was awfully cute of a guy to do. All in all my 16yr old mind thought it was the most romantic Valentines day and set the bar high. All of my boyfriends since have always done roses, chocolates and some sort of special night, until Jake.
Jake claims to be unromantic and uninterested in celebrating romantic things like Annv and Valentines day. He has never celebrated any of these things much, and only does if he is severely prodded. He is disgusted by the commercialness of it all. If he only realized it isn't the commercial things I want- a little effort goes a long way! Like this mornings sticky tapes! Thanks my Silly Tomato!Happy Valentines day all!


Michelle said...

How cute! It's funny how the smallest things make our hearts melt eh?

Krista said...

Awww ... That is entirely awesome. I don't know if I was suppose to ... but I did. I clicked on the pictures to read a few of the post its ... I love some of the obvious, yet sweet things he wrote. Way to go, Jake.

PaPa Hovan said...

Chrissy Ann, I always knew he had it in him and the other Jacob is just a mask he wears for the rest of the world to see. You have one special young man (to me) there. By the way Happy Valentine's Day.

Love Papa

JeriLynn said...

Those are some great pictures, Crissy! You know, your post made me grateful that Jay is only obligated to be romantic on one day per year, as V-Day is the same as our anniversary. Lucky us!

JeriLynn said...

"Loving you is unrealistic"??!!!! Wow. Yeah, it's not in him, is it? :) LOL!