Thursday, November 20, 2008


Happy 7th Birthday Eliza!!

My very best girl friend is seven today. I can not imagine that this girl was once a screaming, colicky infant, that I really didn't get along with, now I can not imagine life without her!

She is the biggest help, and accepts all the responsibilities I give her- she actually enjoys some of them. Of late she has become quite the big helper. She makes her own lunch. Once every two weeks she makes a whole loaf of Peanut butter sandwiches and puts
them in individual baggies and freezes them. She reminds everytime I say it is pay day to buy her baggies, bread and PB. Then she helps me separate the snack food into individual portion bags each paycheck. then every morning she grabs what she wants and packs it all up.

She has been huge into school lately. She has become quite good at reading.
I love to hear her read to the boys when they play school, and teach them math. She has a little area of her room all set up as a school. The boys usually play along and enjoy her teaching. She loves to add, this week I taught her to add double digits, and she is loving it. She makes up math questions and then we work them out together.
Liza I am amazed at how much you want to serve and help others out. I love your sweet smile and enthusiasm for life. You may require a lot of energy but the rewards are more than I could ask for. I love you Liza!!

I best be off to making Liza's birthday crown, zucchini bread cupcakes (her request for the classroom snack), and a house full of kids tomorrow after school (hopefully Jake gets home from playing army all week in time to help out with the party). Happy birthday baby girl!!!


B said...

Happy Birthday! I hope the festivities were worthy of a 7 year old princess.

Anonymous said...

How exciting! She sure has grown up. and is absolutely adorable.

Fisher Family said...

What a great post about your princess. I love how you say she is your best girlfriend and how the rewards are more than you can ask for. Hope her Daddy makes it home too.
PS thank you for your comment, I have always enjoyed your photos