Monday, November 24, 2008

Family Home Evening Guy!!

Family Home Evening Guy came to our FHE tonight! Dad had to use the washroom and while he was gone we had a special visitor talk to us about the importance of healthy food. The kids loved it! Rainey would not stop laughing. It was so stinking cute I had to run for the camera. He didn't stop laughing until closing song at which point he started to scream. Too bad dad missed Family Home evening guy! Maybe next time Jake ;P


Krista said...

lol .. that is super cute. Way to go, "FHE Guy"

B said...

What a long visit to the washroom buddy! Looks like you missed out on all the fun.

Roeckers said...

I kept asking Eliza if FHE guy was handsome. Eliza would nod her head and say 'yes.'

I'll have to admit FHE guy is rather good looking. He should consider a career as a male model.


famr_4evr said...

This sounds so fun!! I wonder if it would make the older kids get more involved.Hmmm??