Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Monday night is Family night

Jake and i discussed FHE a bit before he left for the week. Liza had watched a movie with a lot of language at a friends house, and has been using the phrase "Oh My G.." lately. SO language was the focus of lesson.

We talked about good words and bad words. Nice words and not so nice words. Speaking nicely to each other and how to do so. Liza taught the boys how to tell each other what they do well "I like you Rainey because you give me hugs. I like you Daniel because you learn good." Then we talked about mean words, and how Heavenly Father gave us words to help us talk to each other. We need to talk as he does.

We then moved on to swear words, and gave her alternatives to use instead of OMG like- WOW! Are you kidding?! Really! No way! Later on she caught herself mid way saying Oh my...WOW! She is really trying hard to change her ways.

After I put the boys to bed Rainey wanted to play. Daniel talked Rainey into bed and started to sing to him. Daniel sang for about 5minutes every song he knew. It was so cute, he was singing so reverently, and it worked to settle Rainey down.

I love my kids!! Last night was a night I wish to freeze in time and remember my kids that way always.


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

that is really sweet! it must be nice to see glimmers of understanding when you teach your kids. ambrose is still young so if i teach him something he really doesnt understand, but sometimes things manifest themselves later on and surprise me. i am excited for the day when i can teach him something and know he is understanding and working on it!

KellyLady said...

This post deserves a big AWWWW. I love FHEs like that - where you know that they really 'got' it. Sibling love is one of the sweetest things and some of the best moments in life! Keep up the good work!

PaPa Hovan said...

It only gets better Big Girl. Just ask your Mother.

Dave and Trissy said...

It is good to know I am not the only one that had a rough time with the first baby!! I know exactly what it is like to have a colicky baby and all!! It is good to know there is hope for us to be closer then when we first started out!!!