Friday, September 26, 2008

A 3yr olds way to quilt

We have spent the morning finishing odd projects, and starting new ones. This is the way Daniel and Rainey spent their morning quilting- pounding needles into a box. "Good job Handy Danny and handy Rainey!" I praised them, it was the first time Daniel didn't protest to someone calling him Danny.

I was able to rough finish my first quilt sampler. I have made it for my niece and her flower power room. I still need to add the binding. It was fun to work on. I have learned a few tips to apply to the next one, so all those who expect Christmas gifts watch out, I am on a roll. Watch out Matt I might finish one you can hang on my own wall :0


Kim and Melissa said...

That is beautiful! You are seriously so talented!

Ully Family said...

I'll tell you this, I don't think its going to be a wall hanging. I am pretty sure she will sleep with it. It is gorgeous, Chriss! She's going to love it!

Roeckers said...

Thanks guys! I really enjoyed doing it!
Kim I don't care what she does with it as long as she likes it. I made it extra sturdy knowing it might have to get washed a time or two. It should hold up better of her other quilts :)
Now I just need to touch base with Dian and start hers.