Sunday, September 28, 2008

International fest

This weekend Lawton had their international fair. We got there super early due to a typo in the paper, so by the time the opening exercises start the kids were ready to leave. But we got thru the parade of nations and left. Here are some of our favorites.

Rainey made friends with the South African ladies while watching the Tahitian lady put on her three foot tall hat. He sat there rambling for ten minutes with them-not that they understood a word he said.

The kids were amused with the different colors and shapes of the outfits. I didn't see them move or speak when Scotland was introduced-They loved the bagpipes. I remember that being my favorite part of Remembrance day ceremonies. Daniel thought that was the coolest part. He stopped his climbing the bleachers long enought to hear the guy play then carried on his way.

My favorite costumes were the Korean ones. The colors were beautiful. The two little girls and their mother we gorgeous.

The lady from Mexico had nice lace accents all over her costume. Liza liked the white lace and puffy skirt she wore.

We will have to try it again next year.

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