Wednesday, October 01, 2008

6 Random fact about me

I have been tagged several time via email and on a few blogs- so alas I follow suit.

Fact #1 I can not sleep with my knees touching. This is something rather new. Since I have dropped a few pounds the feeling of my knees and the bones touching is rather uncomfortable. So I have a human body pillow (Jake) on one side and an extra pillow on the other.
Fact #2 I will never buy myself second hand shoes. Someone elses foot junk has been in them. I will wear my sibblings and my mothers shoes (if they fit) but don't ever hand me down a pair of shoes, that is one thing I am willing to fork out money for.Fact #3 I love algebra. I seventh grade I had a math teacher Mrs McKenzie, who would send home extra work for me to do because I loved it so much. I love helping the neighbour kids with their math homework and get all excited about it when I do.Fact #4 I love red heads! Ever since my Papa bought me my first red headed cabbage patch doll then my second and third I have loved red heads. That is the only thing I liked about Jake when I first met him. I am jealous anytime someone has a red headed kid. I married Jake (among other reasons) for a chance at a red headed child 0 for 3 on that one.Fact #5 I love food! I love to cook food, I love to eat food, I love to just buy food. Food is my weakness. Almost every job I have had I was around food, Convenience store, grocery store, pizza parlor, bakery, as a nanny, as a mother and wife, as a Pampered Chef consultant, and now once again at a pizza parlor. I love FOOD! Good thing there are programs out there to teach me how to eat properly and in the right quantities :)Fact #6 I never wear matching earrings. I never change them. They are always the same. Way back when Pres Hinckley told the youth to have no more than one piercing per ear I had flipped my earrings on one ear. So when I removed them I took out one ring and one stud both on the upper wholes in my ears, leaving their mates in. Call it laziness or lack of energy to try and find their mates after three moves- whatever it is thats the way they are.

I tag whoever gets around to updating their blog (KIM-wink wink nudge nudge, and DI).


Krista said...

Amen to not wearing second hand shoes! I can't even make myself let my kids do it, though I know I'd safe $$$ if I did ...

Michelle said...

I can't wear second hand shoes either! People think I am weird! Glad to know that other people feel the same way.

Kauer Family said...

Wow it's been a long time. I had to take a minute to figure out who you were then all the memories came back. Germany seems like forever ago now. We are doing great here in Yelm, WA. Sounds like you are having fun in your new home it looks great. Congrats. Wow your kids have grown too. Time sure flies by. As you saw in our blog we lost our little girl in April. I was 3 weeks from my due date and went into the hospital because she wasn't moving. They couldn't find a heart beat and I delivered her that evening. The cord had just wrapped twice around her neck so their was nothing we could do. She was 7lbs and 19 1/2 inches long and just beautiful. My mom and my sister in law were there with me as Dustin was Deployed. They did get him home 2 days later which was awesome. We are doing great and so thankful for the knowledge we have that we know she is ours forever.
Good to hear from you and your family is beautiful.

Tyler Fam said...