Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Spare time

In May we made these adorable barrettes for Achievement days (8-10yr old girls). Well since then I have been making them for Liza every once and a while. She brought home a note the first week of school from her Student teacher asking where I had purchased them. I told her I had made them. She wanted to "BUY" them from me. SO I made a few up. I wanted a second opinion and the lady I talked to wanted some too, and then another lady. I am out of clips now and hope the salon it town gets some in on Thursday. Here is a sample of the latest ones. I have a few others not shown that are part of an order. So now in my spare time I am making barrettes and getting paid for it.
Tonight, I hope to finish my mini quilt I made for a very special niece for Christmas. I will post pictures of it tomorrow...hopefully.


B said...

I am begging you to post instructions on how to make those! They are seriously too cute and those of us with girls would love to make some too!

Anonymous said...

actually i read it every day... i also read yours... hope all is well... Brando

Olson Clan said...

Love the clips!