Monday, September 22, 2008

What mothers will do for their children

Jake's latest cool dad project was to start a bug board. They have a collection of flies, spiders, stink bugs, and what not. They quickly lost interest when the caterpillar they caught peed on Daniels hand and then once they pinned it to the board it oozed all down the board. I guess it is my job to clean up the ooze so it looks cool again and we can find some more insects to fill our 36x24inch board.


B said...

First, love the new look. Second, way to go on your contribution to the bug board project!

Leavitt Family said...

LOL that is Jake at his finest.

Dian's Blog said...

I want a picture of the dead bugs, you next blog should be that! But I bet your kids think it is pretty sweet. I know I would, I like dead bugs over live bugs. Love you guys