Monday, August 18, 2008

Rainy days

The boys are still asleep and Liza is off to school now. I sit her thinking of how lucky we are! We have really enjoyed being here so far! For having only been here 3weeks, we have planted some roots we hope to continue to nurture and grow. We love our neighbors and our new little house! The kids in the area are always popping their heads in, even if they are ten years older than my kids. We are really meant to be here!

Jake got his first calling this week in the Young Men's (12-18yr old boys) with the Deacons (12-14yr old boys). He is super excited.

We experianced our first real storm. This past week the weather has changed into fall. Tornado sirens were going off and we were a bit apprehensive. The missionaries had come by (they were on splits so there were three of them). Not even five minutes into the visit the sky turned black and the wind picked up. The neighobors daughter was home alone and got scared, she dropped by. Then one of the other member families with four kids dropped by (her husband is deployed), she was a bit concerned also. By the end of the night we had the 3 elders, ourselves (5 of us), the neighbours (5 of them) and the other neighbours (5 of them). All I could think of was how would all of us fit in the storm shelter that is about 6x6. Both of the other families don't have one. The shelter is big enough for our family to lie down in side by side but not big enough for 6 adults and 11 kids, and 2 dogs, with all of our provisions (72hr kits, blankets, and jackets). The new neighbors had later agreed to let one of the families bunk with them until the storm let up and the elders left during a break in the storm. So we set up a bit of a plan for next time...But luckily no tornado blew in!! nothing was lost in the storm and everybody survived.


Tony, Natalie, Madison & Steven said...

Does your house not have a basement? I would have thought most houses in OK would have them. We had a scare a couple weeks ago, but the tornado didn't touch down until it was over Indiana. Glad to hear you are all ok.

Roeckers said...

There are few basements in this area due to the impact zone. They say with all the artillary it is like a mini earthquake and so most builder dislike putting basements in. I think it also has to do with the red clay too.
Most of the new houses have storm shelters tho.
Glad to hear no tornado touched down near you and that you are all safe!