Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fun all aroud

Early on in our relationship I found out Jake is a sleep talker, especially if he is exhausted from a long week of work. We have had many fun conversations, during this time. I love to play with his words. Many times when he is sleeping the only thing he responds to his me yelling "Row-ker, get up!" this is how most in the military pronounces his name. SO, the following is a conversation I had with Jake last night after he had been sleeping for 30+minutes on the couch...he has little idea of what he was talking about.

J:I saw it around here somewhere
ME: Where?
J; I don't know
ME; What color is it?
J; Orange
ME: What is it used for?
J: Something to hold the dirty in
ME: Are you sleeping?
J: I'm trying but I can't find it (As you still lie motionless on the couch)

The last few days as we have been re establishing routines we have been cracking down on the boys and their messy room. I have been refusing to clean it up for them as they move on to trash another part of the house. Jake has been in charge of supervision while I go for a walk at night. He got frustrated and started putting the kids toys in Garbage bags in the attic. SO yesterday when Daniel was to clean his room, he went and got a garbage bag and decided he would hold it open while Jake filled. The last of his toys. It hasn't phased him a bit! It was too cute the two of them holding bags for Jake to fill. Talk about LAZY SPOILED ROTTEN BOYS!! Man I love them


Aprile said...

That is hilarious! I have taken away B's toys before. After about an hour, he forgets about them. Wow, what an ineffective punishment. Glad I'm not the only one who has spoiled kids!

B said...

I am so glad that someone else can fathom the wonderful time I have with my man when he is sleeping and yammering on about something at the same time. Oh I love it. Glad you can share in fun times like that at your house. You are one lucky girl.

Olson Clan said...

OMG, I have to stop laughing first.........
OK, that was way too funny. I can totally picture Jakes look of frustration as you go get the camera laughing the whole way.....
Speaking of sleep talking I am going to steal your ideas and rat out Matt, take a look at our blog :)

Tony, Natalie, Madison & Steven said...

That is hysterical! I can't imagine if Tony talked in his sleep. I think I would take advantage of that. I'm not so sure Madison would be too keen on putting her toys in a garbage bag, but hey if they're ok with it, why not. Too funny!

mckell said...

Mike and I will have entire conversations after a movie or something when he is totally zonking out and he wont remember them the next day. Or once he asked me a really random question when he was falling asleep during a movie and he doesn't remember that either. I have a feeling he is a sleep talker... Oh well. I guess it makes for some good times :). 5 DAYS just fyi. I am excited for him to come home. What is new in OK