Thursday, August 14, 2008

Liza's first and second day of school

Liza started school yesterday. She was way excited. She got up on her own at 6:45am got dressed ate breakfast, got a blessing from Jake and then was off. I am excited she is in school again, but man it's all day long!! She leaves the house at 7:30am and arrives home at 4:20pm. Thats a long time to be gone. Above-Liza and her new BFF, Kelsy and her siblings, Austin and Kristy

This morning wasn't as easy. She really didn't want to get out of bed. But we got everything done, she was even early for the bus. She got restless waiting for the bus at our house so she ran down to be with all the other kids on the block.

Thanks Staci for the photos of the first day of school, I didn't even think about pulling out the camera this year, probably because I am not use to being up that early, that is a whole hour earlier than last year.

Good luck in first grade Liza!!


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

wow that is a long time to be away... that sounds kinda nice :) but actually kind of sad too- good thing i have like five more years to get used to the idea.

KellyLady said...

I thought all day kindergarten was long! And they start way earlier in the year too! How are the sibs holding up with no big sis around? I'm worried about Rhett adjusting to no Zane on school days...She looked so cute!

The McMullin Family said...

Look at that pretty 1st grader. Liza, you look very good. Good luck and hope, you will make a lot of new friends. How excited for you Chrissy, Liza is growing up. Too bad, sometimes we just want to stop the time.

Aprile said...

What great first day pics! She looks so cute!