Monday, July 21, 2008


Well our lives were packed into 173 boxes and 202 peices of furniture. The movers puzzle pieced our stuff into a moving van only leaving behind a few random things. It will arrive tomorrow (wednesday) in Oklahoma where Jake will meet it and deal with the headache of getting things ready for our arrival either late Wednesday night or early afternoon on Thursday-depending on how the kids do and if we end up driving straight thru or stopping at a hotel.

Dian and her boyfriend, David visited the last week we were in Utah. She was kind enough to stick around for the move and to help with the kids, the movers, allow me to study for my final exam, which I wrote two days before the movers came and all the last minute things, and then drive with me back up to Canada. In return I went ring shopping with David and helped secure a ring for her finger. They are to be wed in December, we are waiting on a decision on location. We are very excited, and they are nauseously in love.

One of the neighbors thru Eliza a goodbye party and had a few of the kids Liza loves over for a pool party and ice cream sundaes. Liza was so excited and loved the attention. They sang a goodbye song over and over again. Thanks Debra! It made a some good memories of Logan.

We have spent this past week visiting a few friends and trying to entertain the kids, at grandmas house in Canada. Many goofy times were had. As each of Liza's friends spent time with her the laughter increased and so did the silliness. This is Liza and Jen noodling their craziness out on the elliptical.

We celebrated my sister Dian's and niece Makynna's birthdays on Sunday as we miss them by a few days. Liza, Daniel and I made the cupcakes for the occasion. I think they turned out rather cute. The eyes were a smash with the kids.

We leave tomorrow evening for our 24.5hr drive to Oklahoma. My sister and mom are going to squeeze into the cvan with the dog, kids, all our stuff and myself, then fly back on Monday. It should be an adventure I will probably not want to repeat anytime soon, but at least I will be in good company. The kids and I are excited to see Jake.

PS I just looked up my grades on my Behavioral science class I finished a few weeks ago. I am so excited to let you all know I got an A!!!! YAHOO! Stress can be a good thing. I can't wait to start my next class this fall.

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My wife is awesome!!!

Roeckers said...

I love you too!

B said...

I'm bummed I missed you!

Olson Clan said...

Good luck on your next adventure! Sounds like every thing is going nicely.