Saturday, July 05, 2008

A bit torn!

As I do the last minute prep for the movers this week, I am filled with mixed emotions.

We picked Logan UT off a map. Neither one of us had been here, but the man at the ROTC office remembered us from 5yrs before hand. Jake found out just days before he left for Iraq that he had all the required credits to graduate with an AA from UMUC. Jake applied just a few weeks before they implemented the interview process for his major here at USU. Jake's parents secretly bought a house and it was ready the week after we moved to UT, right after all the family reunions. (Thanks Mom and Dad R!!) Things all worked out perfectly.

We have been blessed with great neighbors, horse riding teachers, swim teachers, friends, doctors, teachers, and so many memories. I am so sad to leave this house, it holds so many fun times. Liza tripped over her own feet and slashed a good inch size whole in the top of her head after only being in the house for 3hrs! Many people have come in and out of our home, many good conversations, and plenty of laughter. We brought Rainey home to this house. We spent the most time as a family here in this house. We have been the closest to my family here, only a days drive away.

My kitchen has fed many, my livingroom has had many campers, the yard has seen many little feet, I grew my first garden here, sat at the window for hours staring out at the mountains here, heard the most beautiful bird that perches all day on top of the house, my kids have grown here, and I felt at home.

Here are the things I will miss most about Logan UT
-the mountains (Lawton has a hill they call a mountain)
-my bird that lives on top of the house during the day it wishes me good morning every day
-Carol (there are many others, but Carol has been there through it all weither she wanted to hear it or not)
-the constant flow of students thru my house
-Lee's produce section in the morning all perfectly lined up
-hikes and bike rides
-North Logan 6th ward
-going to GG Hill's house
-Aggie blue mint ice cream
-humming birds (I have loved them since I was 8yrs old. At my baptism they showed that church movie where the girl thinks giving blood for her brother will mean she dies, at the beginning there are humming birds. I had never seen one till I moved here).
-being together all the time as a family
-feeding the ducks at 1st Dam
-my large kitchen with lots of counter space
-my basement in the summer!
-being minutes away from a hike
-safety, honesty ( low crime) I left my wallet in the cart at Walmart today and someone turned it in, $60, my ID and all. My kids can run the neighborhood and I don't have to worry.
-we have seen many old friends living here (many ex-missionaries, and old ward members)

I am excited about our first home, and all the adventures to come, but awfully sad to leave this life style, and this area to go to an unfamiliar area. Jake is convinced he wants to spend the rest of his days in OK. I am not to sure I am for that, only time can tell. For now I shed a tear for what I leave behind...and hold dear all my good memories.


Dian's Blog said...

i know i will miss you being in Utah i love Utah. and how close you are too me. but what is 3 more hour right???

Papa and Grandma H said...

I know Mom and I will miss the weekend trips. But OK is another part of the States we will get to know. We will just figure a way to make the time to get down there, not as often as Logan but often enough. We too are appreciative of your parents and their foresight with the house. See you in a few days for a few days.

Natalie said...

You make Logan sound like such a great place. It will be sad to leave, but you will have so many great things to say about your new residence before you know it!

(It was so fun to see you and the kids last month).

mckell said...

well i am sure that 2 wont kill us, i dont know what i will do when he leaves for a year at a time... i guesss hang with you or something. anywho, i still want those pics of the tramp. mike is so stinking cute with kids :)

Aprile said...

Don't make me tear up! Our neighborhood will be a little less lively without the Roeckers in it! Good luck on the next chapter...

B said...

It sounds like there is tons to miss, but what an adventure you have ahead of you! You always make the best of everything and soon enough we'll be hearing tales of new and fantastic friendships you've made and you'll be adding a list of the things you love about OK.

Tony, Natalie, Madison & Steven said...

Being from OR and now living in IL I really feel your pain. You will miss the mountains but you will find new things to love. Good luck with everything!

mckell said...
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mckell said...

what i ment to say is when do you guys leave? lol... i am coming up sometime next week, i am not sure when but if it is before you guys leave i would love to see you.

Cansas said...

Sad! I hate goodbyes. It seems like so many people are leaving our neighborhood. We wish you guys all the best!