Wednesday, July 30, 2008

OK adventures

We are here and almost moved in. We left Canada a week ago yesterday at 5pm after mom finished work. We packed her and Dian in with all of our stuff and the kids up for our trek south. The kids were pretty good, thank goodness for DVD players!! We drove straight thru. I would have never made it without Dian and Mom!! I drove the first 2 hours and the last 5, they drove most of the rest.
When we got here the beds were all set up and some of the boxes had been empty. After a little talking we all crashed and slept in the next day. We spent the rest of the week and weekend unpacking. Mom helped me put together my kitchen and Dian helped with Liza's room. We are almost to the point we can vacuum the rug.
Daniel has related this new house to Oklahoma. Every time we leave the house and are on our way home he asks "Are we going to Oklahoma now?"
We couldn't have Di and mom come all this way without seeing something so Jake took us to Mt Scott which is the third highest peak in OK. It was pretty but not much compared to the Wasatch Front. We then drove to the refuge.
In the refuge this was our oncoming traffic! As it past the car on Liza's side she was huddled down low so it wouldn't see her.
We then drove down the street to the Holy City. It is a mini design of OK's version of the Holy land. I think I would better get it if I attended the Easter Festival where they play it all out. I could guess what some of it was, but other parts I was clueless. I can say I had the experience now...
These are our newest friends! We have a bird feeder off the back porch. We sit at the table or on the couch and have the best view of these hungry neighbours. We refill the feeder everyday. At the most I have counted seven humming birds flying around it at any given time. Rainey sits at the back window with a fly swatter hitting the back door with it every time they come yelling "Hummmm Buuurd!"
Rainey had our first run in with fire ants! He loves ants. He used to play with them in our back yard in Logan. Well he found a nest and was crouched down picking at them. They got inside his shoes and he stood up as they started to sting, trapping a few in and around his diaper. The poor kid screamed for two hours. He has a few stings on his feet, a few on his thighs and then a few in around his sensitive areas under the diaper. He would not let us put a diaper on him. Finally after listening to him scream for two hours and sitting helplessly by after treating the bites we forced a diaper on him stuck him in the stroller and I went on a 2mile walk. He was calmed down by the 1/2mile mark and we enjoyed the nature.
You can see in this picture one of the bites on the bottom of his foot and the expression of pain on Rainey, as well as the "done" look on Jake.

Well that was this weeks adventures. I will post pictures of the house soon. As much as I tease Jake about him picking out this house, and it not being what I wanted, it is perfect! We already have a few good friends and had some good laughs around our kitchen table. I am adjusting to hick life and like it, hopefully I can continue to have this attitude for the rest of our stay!

Loves to all!


Olson Clan said...

poor Rainey!!! I love the first pic though. It looks as if Jake is covering his private area while giving you a look that says "You are not taking a picture of that".

Roeckers said...

That is exactly what he was doign!! :) you know Jake!

KellyLady said...

Oh, poor baby! It's so sad when something that looks so innocent ends up hurting them! Glad that you're settling in.