Friday, April 11, 2008

Doing well...

For any of you who care, here's a happy baby update.

Alanna wrote a lengthy email this morning. She wrote "Well things are going really good right now. Gavin came back from surgery on Wednesday around 7:30 pm which is what the doctors expected. Surgery went very well and the doctors are confident that the arch will heal and function normally. The aortic arch may need attention down the road to help the scar stretch if it narrows as Gavin grows. This would not require surgery as they can go through the artery and use a type of balloon to stretch it out."

She he is out from the heating lamp holding his body temperature well, he is off the morphine and on Tylenol, he is breathing more on his own and they are hopeful he will come off the respirator today.

All the best Al, Hope he can come home soon! Love ya

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