Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Our Daniel is three today!!

Our little boy decided to go to bed last night all grown up in panties. He has refused to take his undies off at night and we have been putting a pull up over top. Well last night he slept with us and at 3am he woke me up to say he had to go potty. He did it!! No messes last night. I think we are on the road to completing this potty thing. I only have 10 more pull ups and refuse to buy anymore!!

He is my big boy!

Happy birthday Daniel!!


Natalie said...

Happy Birthday to a cute boy! I am the same as you. I always got to a point where I would say this is the last bag of pull ups and then we are going all the way!

Cherie said...


Happy Birthday Daniel!

B said...

Yah for Daniel! (or should I say yah for mom?) He's pretty handsome too.

Aprile said...

What a handsome big boy!! Aren't birthdays the best? P.S. Thanks for remembering mine, you brought a smile to my face :)