Thursday, March 27, 2008

Back to School

Well I have spring fever. I always seem to get antsy this time of year and want more out of life. So I figure I am at a stage in my life to start a few college classes. The army has a contract with UMUC so where ever there is an ed center, on post, they are. They have an amazing online program that I love. It is interactive and 12-15weeks long. I have completed one class thru them before leaving Germany, and enrolled in one after a big mess with admissions this week.

I am officially a student again!

I phoned to pay my tuition fees today and about dropped dead! $1410 for one class! I reassured the lady there was some mistake, I am only taking one class. She told me nope. I then asked about military in-state tuition. She said there was a mistake in my admissions and I would have to fill out some more papers and fax them a copy of my ID card. That will knock down the price by half. Man, I need to move closer to a creditable college! OUCH!!! Education is priceless...right!? And convenience is everything.


Roeckers said...

sorry I have forgot to tell everyone what class it is, BEHS 210. It is an introduction to Behavioral Science. It looks every interesting. I just got my book last night and think I am really going to like the class

The Bundys said...

Hey Chrissy...I stalk you...just so you know. So my email is Email me your address and Ill invite you to my blog so you can stalk me as well.

PS. Is this you saying you are going back to school? Whew...good luck if it is. I seriously debate going back for my masters at least once a week. I just don't know if I could pull it off successfully with two children AND being a good mother.

Teresa said...

yay Chrissy, that is wonderful that you are taking a class. And having someone else pay for most of it. I am happy that you get to do it. I am sure I will go back someday, but not for a while. I feel a little overloaded as it is.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

what a great idea! i am so excited for you.