Thursday, April 03, 2008

What's in a name??

Thanks Megan for the idea!

Here's what's in our names...

Jacob Fielding-Jakob was a German who fought in the Civil War after immigrating (the Roecker side). Fielding was from Joseph Fielding, one of the Hill side (Jake's mom) ancestors. Jake's mom was working on transcribing one of his journals during her pregnancy.

Chrissy Ann Star-originally it was going to be Crystal, but good friends of the family said it sounded like a "two bit hooker" so they reconsidered and came up with Chrissy (just because they liked it). Ann was after my grandpa Hovan's sister who was killed in a serious train/car accident at a very young age. Star was my Uncle Dave's idea. He hated the idea of the intials C.A.H. He said it sounded like a crow "cah, cah." He had no kids of his own and said I was the high point of his life so came Star giving me the initals of C.A.S.H. (Like Star isn't a hooker name LOL)

We had made a decision shortly after an institute class that we wanted to name our children after our forefathers to give them something to be proud of. We decided to name the girls with a first name from the mothers side and the middle name from the fathers, and vise versa for the boys.

Eliza McGann- When we found out we were pregnant, jokingly we were taking names of people we knew putting them together. We loved our sister missionaries at the time and played with the idea of Eliza Megan, both of their first names. One of the initial names I found while doing Genealogy work was an Eliza Green (my Great great Grandma). Jake's parents gave us an idea that fit with the sister missionary idea. Over Liza's bed hangs a picture of both of these ladies and one of her to remind her she has to make these ladies proud.

Daniel Kelly Howanca- We were sure Daniel was a girl. We had a name and still have it stored for a girl (Micheal Amelia), we had no ideas for a male name. We announced we were pregnant in a video asking our families for name suggestions. Daniel Clark (Jake's great great), was a pioneer that crossed the plans on foot and died days before reaching the valley where he had sent most of his family by rail. Kelly is one of the names my mothers father was known by. I never met him, he had a lot of problems on this earth. The positive things I know about him are, he was a hard and honest worker. He was a handsome man with a large smile and very charismatic. Howanca is a tribute to a dying name. Daniel is the first grand baby boy on my side. There are no males to carry on the Hovan (my maiden name) name. So we gave Daniel the original Polish name in memory of all those who carried that name proudly.

Rainey Burbank- Once again we were sure we were having a girl and had Micheal Amelia ready. I wasn't fully convinced he was a boy until I saw proof the day he was born. After much debate we sat down with the GEDCOM files. I walked away with two names. Jake looked briefly later on that day and said excitedly "That's the one!" Surprisingly we picked the same one-Rainey. We thought since he was our R&R baby, we tried for a middle initial 'N' name making him R'N'R. Nothing fit. Finally I decided we had named kids after every line but my mother's mother's side. The Burbanks came from Box Elder, just 20 minutes from here. So we named him after my maternal Grandma's mother.

What's in your name??

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Stephanie J. Robertson said...

of course i love the names and the stories/histories behind them! yeah, i think i will work it out to still come and i am so so appreciative that you are willing to hang out with chubs during the sealing!

yes, we got the cable- he should not even feel bad! honest mistake. sounds like something i would do big time!