Sunday, December 02, 2007

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter

Things have been quite fun these days.
Not only was Thanksgiving weekend Liza's birthday but also Cache Valley's annual November Fest craft sale. Daniel was enjoying the sample tables. He found a table with yummy looking "candies". He was very disgusted with the flavor of the homemade SOAP!

We had Eliza's friend party this weekend. She requested a "Turtle saving Princess" cake. How am I suppose to create that?? So here is what we came up with. We let the kids help decorate the dress with sprinkles and candies before Liza got to cut it. It was great fun.

Grandma and Papa Hovan and Auntie Di came to visit this weekend. They haver never seen the lights on temple square before so we had a fun evening taking in a few songs and the beautiful glow, not to mention the food at our favorite resteraunt downtown the "Blue Iguana."

Now it is time to clean the house from a weekend of fun and prep for Grandma and Pop-pop Roecker's and Uncle Charles and Aunt Katie's visit. Very exciting!!


KellyLady said...

Love the are a much better woman than I...we either do cupcakes or a DQ icecream cake

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

i laughed out loud at that awesome cake! how fun to be a mom- i look forward to similar creative adventures someday. your kids are so so cute.

Cherie said...

I love the picture of the kids at the party! Looks like Jaiden is about to fall over backwards!

And what a gorgeous picture of temple square! You know that's what I love most about your blog!!! said...

Cherie you know I made sure I was on top of changing the picture this month just for you!

Thanks Steph and Kelly for the cake compliments. Steph you best start planning now for Ambrose' cake. It can be a fun! I am thinking of repeating the Dinosaur cake we did for Teresa (Allred)Hughes two years ago for Raineys and Vincents (David Roeckers boy) joint family party in two weeks. And I am working on a ball theme for Daniel. I am not much of a decorator but like to do it anyways.

Tigg said...

Nice save on the cake're pretty good to come up with something for that tall order!

littlegreen said...

I LOVED the cake! You truly more creative than you give yourself credit for, I could never have come up with that!! You rock!!!!
oh- and did you ever send me the quilt square... I can't remember... I can't find it if you did, but if you really did I will look harder, but if you didn't I don't want to put effort into looking! :) I am so lazy!! :)
k, let me know, love ya guys!