Thursday, November 29, 2007

Life is happening

Daniel talks thru the side of his mouth as he climbs into me bed this morning
"Mommy's bed is too hard, it to high...
Daniel's bed is so Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-ne"
I think I need to read him the 3 little Bears story.

Rainey can take a step or two but isn't really sturdy. He is walking around furniture and kitchen cabnets all the time.

Liza won't stop hounding me to go to the post office to return her Pink cowboy boots (that are one size too small) she got from Grandma Roecker. She has me checking my email every chance I get so we can get the return receipt.

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Stephanie J. Robertson said...

Hey Roeckers- Thomas said it sounds like fun to create the grandma's pandas logo- so he will work on it and get back to you soon! i think we have your email somewhere so we will send it to you when he finishes.