Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Our special Thanksgiving package

Six years ago on Wednesday the 21st (15minutes before Thanksgiving) we received a very beautiful gift.
Here to you Eliza McGann!!
We love you for all you are. You have more energy than anyone else in the house. You keep us always on our toes and thinking outside of the box. No matter what the challenge you face you always keep a chipper outlook. We are thankful for you Liza!!

Here are a few fun facts of Eliza...
  • She walked at 8 months
  • When trying to cheer me up she used to yell "Happy Pies!!" (Not sure where it came from)
  • While learning her letters she thought the 22d letter of the alphabet was "double-me" not double-U
  • She got a 19yr old girl to come back to church by asking simply asking every Sunday "why aren't you coming to church?"
  • She ran here first 5K the week of her fifth birthday and will run her 3rd next week.
  • She will eat dog food but not fruit and veggies
  • She has had a love of horses since her first birthday, during her first months of riding lessons she had the horse running and jumping
  • She never stops!
  • She has a way of working her way into peoples heart that I just can't figure out


Fisher Family said...

Aww...Eliza I was born on Thanksgiving a long time ago I knew we had something fun in common. My mom thinks I'm a turkey too. Loved reading all of those fun facts about you! Happy Birthday!!

Cherie said...

Happy Birthday Liza!

Chrissy - you take awesome photos! And Eliza is quite the beautiful model!

Auntie Di said...

I love this post, She is one GREAT little girl. And what a missionary she is:) I can not believe she is six that is crazy, i remember when the first time i saw you at the age or three months old. And all the time that I have lived with her, or she will me. I will never forget those times. even if we didn't always get along, you still loved me and I loved Liza. Wow kids grow up way to fast. I don't know to know what it is like when i have kids. I bet it goes by faster. Well Love you guys.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

hope her birthday was a great one and i couldnt agree more- what stunning photos! you have a knack!

Natalie said...

I loved hearing about Liza. She sounds like a lot of fun!