Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Forgotten treasure

I was searching thru our photos this evening and came across these photos. I had forgotten about this funny day. Dian and I had taken the kids shopping. Daniel had never seen a mannequin I guess. He walked right up to this one in red and said "Come on mommy lady lets go!"

Then later I had gone to the potty and Dian was looking at clothes in the near area watching Daniel.I came out to see this. He went and sat beside this lady on the chair. He was having a conversation with her. He had his hand on her thigh the whole time. It was a great memory


Papa Hovan said...

See I told you he was going to be a heart breaker when he grew up. In his first conquest she is so struck she simply lost her head over him. In his second she is so in awe of this hansom young man, she is absolutely speechless and struck stiff as a statue. Thats my boy.

Auntie Di said...

Lol i had forgotten about that day too, and as he was walking away for the lady with the head he grabbed her hand and it feel off, he didn't know what to do, it was funny good thing Auntie Di knows how to fix things. I miss you guys you need to come see me.

Stephanie J. Robertson said...

hahahahaha! that is so cute and funny!

littlegreen said...

that is so cute!!
hey, did you guys ever receive the necklace??