Thursday, October 04, 2007


On Monday, We tried to go swimming for FHE. The swimming pool at USU hasn't lifted the ban on <5yrs due to a "bug in the water" making kids sick. The kids were sad but we ended up having fun watching movies at the ROTC building, eating popcorn, and playing pool.

Eliza started swimming lessons this month. She had no problems the first few days but on Tuesday we went she would not let go of the instructor. Afterwards the instructor asked me why she had a sudden fear of water. I had no explanation. I asked Liza on the way out to the car and she clarified. She was fearful of the "bug in the water." She was afraid it was going to come out and get her :)

We also had some interesting news this week. Liza has been evaluated a few times this past year for speech. We were always told she had some slow development but nothing to require speech classes. Since she has started school the speech lady has interviewed Liza three times. We met with her and she broke it down for us. She has no language problems simply annunciation issues. Liza has problems with the th-, j-, r-, ch-, and v- sounds. The replacements sounds are what interested me the most. I started to laugh. I explained I have used the fact we lived in Germany for the first 4 & 1/2yrs of her life, and now I have been validated. All the replacements sounds are what most Germans have problems with. So now she is in an annunciation class (mainly for ESL kids) twice a week.

Good laughs!


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

sounds like a great speech specialist and so nice that everything is working out great for liza! ( i wish i lived in germany for 4.5 years of my life by the way.)

Ully Family said...

Atleast they didn't put her in resource!!! Jokes. Sounds like a fun week...mice, bugs, and now a english speaking child going into ESL. I love it! Never a dull moment in the Roecker house!