Friday, June 08, 2007

Tangled in a BAD hair day

Not a HAIR lost!!

We were getting ready for bed and were checking on the kids. I went to kiss Liza one last time for the night and found an abnormality on her forehead. We didn't think to document this event until we were half way done.

So Eliza went to bed with freshly washed hair and a comb. She obviously wound her comb too tight to remove and decided to fall asleep rather than dealing with it. It was quite tightly stuck in place by the time we discovered it. After arguing a bit about what to do and my refusal to cut her hair, Jake had a brilliant idea. He went and got his wire cutters and we cut away the comb bit by bit until it was completely removed. We would cut the teeth of the comb unwind some of the hair and then cut the exposed stem of the comb, repeating this several times. Tomorrow morning Liza is going to have to take a long shower with lots of detangler to rid her hair of all the knots. She will also be spending alot of time in her room tomorrow finding all the pieces of the comb that went flying as we slowly hacked away at that growth.

Life is never dull with a creative husband and a crazy big girl!!
Thanks Jake for saving her hair!


Dian and Kaila said...

wow good job liza, you know how to get the job done right the first time eh? Chirss your kids are awesome, and you are right it is never a dull moment around liza and jake. I don't know what i would laugh at if they where not around, or at last make my dumb days fee like smart day. lol just joking. Well love you talk to you later. miss you guys.

Teresa said...

That is one thing I will probably never have to deal with huh? :) That was a very creative way to make everyone happy. I am impressed. I hope the knots don't stick around for too long.

Grandma and Papa H said...

Like mother like daughter. She's our big girl. Again now you know what we went through with you and your sisters. Thanks Jake and bless you for your ingenuity.

Olson Clan said...

wow........You certainly handled the istuation better than I would have. Not being that creative my girls would be walking around with a bald spot and a headband. good thinking Jake!

Natalie said...

I love it! I am glad to know that it is not only my children who get into those kind of situations. Good job on saving her hair too!

littlegreen said...

oh how funny! I remember having my hair cut a time or two because of gum but never had a comb problem! At least you guys figured it out!! Hey, absolutely on the necklace, just bring it by on wednesday, my number is 8855884, i hope you don't have any crazy lurkers who will steal my number, hmmm... I will take the risk, but I'd love to help you fix it and with no charge of course!