Saturday, June 16, 2007

Fun week

Unfortunately, we have no pictures of our fun week but lots of memories were made.

We spent an afternoon with some of Jake's cousins, his Aunt Betty and his Grandma Hill. We caught up on the happenings of their families and enjoyed their company. We also got to meet two of the new babies in the family.

The last few day Jake's dad was visit. Some families hate visits from the inlaws, but the more I get to know Fred the more I enjoy his company and look forward to his next visit. It wasn't until my fourth or fifth year of marriage that I got his sense of humor and he has never driven with me in over 6yrs- I scared him on the Autobahn :) (I Probably wouldn't get in a car with me again either) but we have a good relationship. It was good to see him in good health and interacting with the kids. Thanks Fred for visiting us.

To finish off our week Jake and I went on the Parade of homes tour. We did this mainly to see the Extreme Home makeover home in person. Let me tell you there is reason they call it the "extreme" home makeover, everything they do is EXTREME. They have a sink with a heating element that cooks- a SINK. The boys bathroom down stairs has two huge showers, four sinks, and two potties. I am surprised the tubs weren't jetted. We saw 4 homes last night and will see another few on our date next week. It is fun to walk thru and dream of ideas for our one day home.

it was good. Lots of fun memories!

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Stephanie said...

we had fun with you guys and are excited for your visit to hawaii! thomas said that he has already heard from jacob about a pod cast too- so nice! glad you had fun with uncle fred too- always liked him.