Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Gold Spike

So we were home a week and Jake got the itch to see the sites again. So we set out to see something fun and educational. We made a list of things in the area and wanted to start checking them off.

Just an hour east of us is the Golden Spike National Park. That is where the west met the east railroad and the last spike was driven. They have a live performance where the two trains are started and run the 5 miles of remaining track.

On Monday we watched the movie they had and toured the small one room display and remarkably the kids enjoyed themselves and had fun. We ate our lunch while the kids chased birds and then we watched the trains and heard how the trains played their part in history. It was well worth the $7 per car!! We recommend it to anyone in the area looking for something to do.

Daniel has gone from very interested in Dinosaurs to interested in trains.

We then spent Tuesday at the Willow Park Zoo and Park. It is very small and only has about 30 different birds and animals on display but for our kids it was fun. We took our picnic lunches and played on the park until way past naptime.

Wednesday and today have been quite a bore. The weather and the Flu have hindered any plans of site seeing! We are itching to get out and see new things and do out door things. Hopefully the weather will be better next week and the kids will be healthy.

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Olson Clan said...

That is so cool!!! Sounds like a great trip. Once again Chrissy you have awed me with your photography. I love the one of the railway track going off into the distance.