Thursday, June 07, 2007

Canadian Vacation the end

So on the way home the kids got a bit restless and it was nearing dinner. SO we decided to stop for a bite to eat just as we saw the sign for Rexburg, ID. We took the exit and were going to stop for a bite to eat then drop by Jake's Aunt Nancy's and Uncle Greg's house, and then after by an old young woman of mine who is going to school at BYU-I.

We got a hold of Nancy and she invited us over for dinner. And Jake of course accepted, he loves to mooch. We had a grand time. We got to meet their soon to newest member of their family a young man who is in the same program as Jake. The kids played a serious game of Sorry! And we enjoyed being out of the car.

After we left Nancy and Greg's we picked up Ashley Tyler and went out for Ice Cream. It was fun seeing her and checking up on her. We love the Tyler's they have been so good to us. They lent Jake a car when we were dating so he could come see me, they drove me, Eliza and the Dog to the Airport when Jake was deployed and I wanted to go back to Canada, and they watched Liza when Daniel was born, and many other things. So it was good to see Ashley again and to see what a beautiful young lady she has become. It was the perfect end to a perfect vacation, more family, and friends, good food and ice cream. We are glad to be home but made many good memories.

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