Monday, June 04, 2007

Canadian Vacation Part 3

The kids were having fun in grandma Hovan's new bay window. The week we spent there that window got plenty of use from all of us enjoying the light and breeze it added to the livingroom. My mom said she should have bought one years ago with all the fun the kids were having in it.

Papa was my kids best friend! They love motorbikes and were spoiled with rides. I felt like a low life mom when I realized I let Liza go for a ride in flipflops. OOPS! Liza went for a nice long ride and Daniel circled the block a few times. Liza was a bit nervous at first, she was holding on for dear life. Daniel on the other hand quickly learned how to make the bike go faster and go VRROOOOMMMM! Thanks PAPA!

A trip wounldn't be complete without a visit to GG's house. My Grandma Hovan has cable so the kids love to go watch TV at her house and eat her cookies and drink the juice she always has. Rainey loves GG. He gets the biggest smile as soon as she starts holding him. He just giggles and tells her stories. It makes her day and mine!

A gorgeous view right outside of the Galt Museum. The kids were trying to find grandmas house and watching the cars go across the coulees. I think they enjoyed the view more than the museum, however they remember the museum because of the cool lunch bags they go in the gift shop. They have taken them on picnics , to church and out to play many times since we got home.

It was a great trip. We had many fun times and made some good memories. It was fun to be at home and to spend time with my family. The kids enjoyed the travels and have asked to go on another road trip, so we are of to see the Gold spike national historic site today, with picnics in hand. Should be fun.


Natalie said...

That place looks beautiful in the last picture. Motorcycle rides are the best! My kids love them too.

Olson Clan said...

I love the first picture, reminds me of Peter Pan. We are getting so excited about our road trip and getting to see you all again!

Stephanie said...

The window picture is so classic! I love the last one too- you should frame it.

Teresa said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun. Isn't it nice to be closer to family so you can pop in every once in a while. We are starting to think that is what we want to be doing. :)