Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Last night I was writing in the kids journals. I have been writing just briefly in each one this past few weeks with little things they have done or said. A sentence or two everyday. I was realizing how different my kids are and how much I enjoy them.

Liza is my girly girl. Yesterday started like everyday. She picked out an outfit and then decided after a few minutes it just wasn't right. She went back and changed her shirt then went back to playing. Then the pants didn't quite work with the shirt so she had to change them. She goes thru about 5 different complete outfits until she finally decides on one and even then about dinner time she has to change into something "cuter". She loves to have her hair styled and is always wearing something around her wrists as a braclet, or making a necklace, or wanting her nails painted. Only now am I enjoying it all, as she is my only chance to right now. I won't have the same fun with the boys...even if it means more laundry and energy. Not only is she girly she is very over dramatic, a true Drama Queen.

Daniel on the other hand is such a boy. He would spend all day dirty and covered in crusty yuckies. He will eat anything regardless of where it has been or what it tastes like. Monday after FHE we had ice cream. He dumped a whole container of parmesan cheese on top of his Aggie blue mint ice cream. He ate the whole thing and was upset there was not more cheese. He would spend all day in the dirt. He loves to water the garden because he can make mud to play in. It has been fun to drop everything and play in the mud, and watching Daniel become so independent and discover life.

Rainey is my happy baby. He loves to be held, not cuddled. He is always smiling and talking. He wants to learn new things and when he does (like rolling over) he wants praise. He wants you to acknowledge his successes. He is so much fun. We love to watch his blue eyes dance. He loves to watch his sibblings play and gets so excited when they love on him. He knows his schedule and lets you know when he is off. He knows when its nap time, bath time, cereal time, and bed time. Funny how he can tell time at such a young age :)

It is fun having three very different children to tend. They keep life ever busy and entertaining. I am so happy they get along and love each other. I can't wait to see how they mature. I can't imagine life without them all.

Well we are off to Preston Idaho, home of Napolean Dynamite today. Dian and Jake are big fans so we are checking out the sites while Liza is in school.

Love you all


Olson Clan said...

I can't believe how big they have all gotten! That is great that you are keeping journals for them, wish I was as diligent....

Stephanie said...

Your kids a re adorable- I especially love the photo of sweet little Rainey! Way to keep journals and have fun in Idaho!

Teresa said...

The kids do look adorable. I LOVE Eliza's hair. It's great to hear about their personalities.