Thursday, May 10, 2007


Well we begin Jakes summer with separation and will end it with separation.

After being thru two deployments you wouldn't think this would be too hard. Jake is on a military history tour (a required class). He will be gone eight days in total. He seems to be having fun and learning lots. I on the other hand am going nuts!

My sister is here and is a big help but my kids are pushing every limit possible.

Daniel started the week off with disappearing in Kohl's. He ducked under a clothing rack and I thought he was hiding on me. No he took off. After ten minutes of looking for him, I had to be one of those mothers that had to alert all the sales people (code yellow) to look for a lost boy. Five minutes later a lady found him. He was hiding alright! He was sitting on a shelf of bedding at the very back of the store. One more grey hair!

Then today he don't stop. He pestered his sister nonstop, slapped his brother every time he saw him, made messes were ever he went and pushed all mom's buttons. He pushed the screen out in his room, he chucked all his shoes down in the window wells, he dumped his milkshake on the kitchen floor, he flooded the bathroom while washing his feet in the sink. He took only a 30minute nap (thanks to a very bored little girl who is hating summer vacation) and couldn't be without her brother all afternoon. He pooped while on the trampoline, he took off his diaper and climbed down off to come back inside, smearing it as he climbed down and into the tub. Filled his treasure chest (a bucket) with rocks and dumped it in the grass and all over the sidewalk and into the window wells, then refilled it with woodchips and dumped them in the garden and into the rocks. Then he decided to avoid going to bed tonight he would throw his sucky out his now open screen onto the front porch. So I made him live with his actions. He wasn't too happy he had to sleep without a sucky but finally he did. A first!

Man I felt like I yelled today more than I have all year. No matter what I tried he just kept pushing. I hate to yell, by the end of the day i was exasperated! My goal for tomorrow is
to not yell and to keep the monster out of the house for most of the day. We plan on taking them for a hike in the canyon and picnic. Then after lunch dad has agreed to let us open his unopened birthday present ( a bubble blowing sprinkler). And Auntie Di still has half a bag of water balloons I can take out some aggression and throw at the kids :) Hopefully this will cure there restlessness and replace yelling with laughter.

I feel like I grew ten more grey hairs today! By the time Jake gets home I will be as grey as my mother. Hopefully I can adjust to this life again and learn to juggle three kids and separation. Next time Jake takes off it will be for a month in July. URGH! This is good practice I guess.


Olson Clan said...

ahh, Chrissy, wish I could be there to commiserate. Those are days when I tell myself, "They all turn eighteen tomorrow!" Guesse this would be a good time to tell you "Happy Mother's Day", or maybe not :)

Papa and Grandma H said...

I guess God does get back at you girls for what you put us through as you grew up. I always said my kid were never as bad as I was. They were worse. But you got to love them. See you guys in a few days.
And happy Mother's Day.

Stephanie said...

yikes! that made tired just reading it- I wonder how he felt! :) At least you seem to have a good outlook and attitude about it. Sounds like one of those days...