Saturday, March 10, 2007

Roecker's house of drugs

I feel like a pharmacy between Liza's ear infection and cold, Daniel's pain killers, and antibiotics, and Rainey's cold and Reflux. We have an assembly line twice a day in the kitchen of syringes and bribes. I have been thinking of becoming a Nurse or something. Do what I am doing and getting paid for it...

Now Daniel has an ear infection that boosted his temperature to 104F Saturday night... he is on the mend now (Sunday morning) with only a low grade temp. He is at least eating and drinking now, he must be feeling better

Thanks to Grandma and Pop-pop Roecker!! Daniel got a few Jelly Belly treats, flowers, balloons and a new teddy.

My boys commiserating! The two boys love to snuggle with dad when they are sick and Dad enjoyed every minute of it this evening, minus balancing the two when they both were screaming.
Daniel came out of his operation dodging airplanes. He was so out of it, but everything went well. He didn't eat or drink much and paid for it today. We were back to the Dr's with a 102F fever. By the time this whole thing is over he will hate the Dr and never want to take medicine again. His fever has gone down but has to go back to the hospital tomorrow for more blood and urine samples.
I am so grateful Jake is around for this and taking care of it all. I think I would be in tears if I saw all they have put Daniel thru. Thank you Jake!!


Teresa said...

I am so glad Daniel is back at home with you. I remember that being the hardest thing for me. To have one of my kids at the hospital and some at home. It's great to see him cuddling with Jake.

Roeckers said...

This was nothing compared to what you had to go thru!! I will count my blessings as I think of all the fun you had.

Stephanie said...

Oh man- having kids is so scary sometimes! I hope everyone is healing well and happy! You seem to be taking things well- you're a great mom.