Friday, March 09, 2007

Poor D

Daniel is at the hospital for an operation to repair a hernia and some other stuff today. This is my first time as a mother where one of my children has had to "go under". I can do stitches, CT scans, and serious burns, no problem... I am anxious for this one to be over. If all goes well he will be home this evening. My poor big boy!! Good luck baby!


Natalie said...

I hope everything went well. That is so hard for a mom! I am thinking of you guys today.

bettyjh said...

Goodness, I hope everyone is doing better. The hardest part may be keeping Daniel down enough to recover once you get home.

Anonymous said...

I know Daniel will be fine, he is my tough little boy. If he can sit on his daddy's shoulders all day long you have nothing to worry about.
Princess Di