Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Split Apart

OK: So Chrissy, Eliza, and Rainey are in Canada, Jake and Daniel are back in Logan.

LOGAN: Today we had our friendly neighborhood landscape guy investigate a 'sink-hole' under the concrete walkway to the front door.

As it turns out the sink-hole was larger than anticipated. This photo is of his 5 foot shovel handle under the driveway.

Of course Daniel, despite the fact that he's coming off of surgery still had his 'cute button' turned on. Seeing the landscape guys with shovels Daniel decided that he should lend a hand.

Fully equipped with an Old Navy hat and orange pacifier, this almost-two-year old his sporting and stylish.

Ladies: he's single and cute!!!

We just hope he stays that way!

Jake and Daniel had fun at A&W treating themselves to dinner just before Jake had his American Legion meeting. Daniel napped the last part of the meeting--yes the old people are that boring sometimes--then he had trouble going to bed once he got home.

Wait a second. He's in bed! What am I doing still awake typing this? It's time to get some sleep! Feel free to comment on my grammar. I have the choice between proofreading and my pillow. I'm choosing the pillow!


Roeckers said...

I am glad the two of you are having fun while we are away.

What are you doing trying to marry off our 2yr old? I am not ready to let another woman take him away. I haven't taught him how to treat the ladies yet. AND he hasn't learned who the most important woman in his life is, ME!!

Wish I could have seen him playing man of the house.

Stephanie said...

Sleep always wins with me too! Smart move.