Tuesday, January 23, 2007

A new week

-Rainey and Pa Hovan (Daniel has renamed Papa to Pa)

-Random Rainey shot

-Grandma Roecker with Rainey

It's my first week alone (without extra family members help) as a mother of three. So far I have managed. I am a bit tired but that is to be expected with a new one.

Daniel has been testing his limits. He has shaved a part of his hair ( unnoticable thank goodness), colored on the walls, taken all his clothes off the hangers, trashed my bedroom, and generally just been a miscivious little rug rat. But man has he ever been cute doing it.

Liza has been a bit testy and defiant but when isn't she?! She has been a big help but lippy while doing so. We have had to step in a few times while her and Daniel have been fighting, in fear of some damage being done to the house or Daniel.

We had a flood in our kitchen when we came home from church on Sunday (the fridge malfunctioned) so this week I get to arrange for the carpet to be torn up, the warentee guy to fix the fridge and whatever else may come our way.


Natalie said...

Rainey is so cute and it is good to see Susan. I haven't seen her forever! I am sorry about the fridge problem. That is not a fun thing to have to deal with. Good luck to you.

Olson Clan said...

We are loving the pics of Rainey. Sorry to hear about your week. Wish I could have helped you mop or something.... Hang in there sweetie. Three was the big change for us. Adding number 2 and 4 weren't nearly as difficult as adjusting to 3.

_ said...

You know I am fine as long as I am at home and accept the fact that I am sleep deprived. It is taking all three out grocery shopping, or to go somewhere by myself that I have yet to brave. I am scared of what the three of them will do to me :)

As for the fridge I was luck enough it happened while my parents were here to help clean up the water. Now I have Susan to help with the phone stuff and to arrange to get things fixed and back to normal.

Alanna said...

You have the most adorable kids. I just don't know where their spunky attitudes come from :) I am looking forward to being able to see you all again and kiss that baby. Hope that this week turns out better for you. Love you tons