Thursday, January 25, 2007

boo hoo hoo :(

So our house is being slowly put back together. The carpet should be restretched tomorrow, and the fridge should be repaired on Monday. The kids all have colds. Jake is always tired and busy at school or with his side projects. And today I strained my back and have to start physical therapy tomorrow. I look forward to life getting back to normal.

On a side note I had my first outing with all three kids by myself and I SURVIVED!! Nothing big we just went to Walmart to buy diapers. I bribed Liza with some hair bands, and Daniel with a new toy truck, and Rainey slept. I felt like I succeeded at being a mother of three today.


Olson Clan said...

Congrats on surviving!!! I love it when Matt looks at me and says, "Hey can you run to....." Yeah babe, it is so much easier for me to get all four in the car take them out and wander around the store, get them all back in and head home, than it is for you to stop by after work real quick!!! He still doesn't get it.

Teresa said...

I am sorry about the problems in the house. That really is too bad. And good job with the kids. Although you wouldn't think it would be, taking them all out the first few times can be nerve racking. Especially when it was just after moving to a foreign country.

PS-Is life ever really normal??

bettyjh55 said...

A fridge that malfunctioned, wet carpet, a trip to Walmart with three little kids in January?? Man, Jake has nothing on you with his two stints in Iraq! Seriously, you are a trooper. I remember Kimball and I having a "lively discussion" once when Ashley (#3) was a newborn and I was pleading with him to run to the store for some Tide (cloth diapers!!) before he left for school, even though it would make him a little late. I said "I can't drag 3 kids through that big store." We didn't know 4 year old Natalie was listening until she declared " and it will hurt our arms." Needless to say, it was a very humbling and somewhat humorous experience for her parents. By the way, he went to Food 4 Less before class :)

Olson Clan said...

Hey, good news! We are attending Matt's family reunion in Nazareth Texas at the end of July. On the way back we are hoping to visit Salt Lake and then Clarkston for the Martin Harris Pageant. We'll have to make plans to see you!