Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Kids are funny

Eliza's 5 and helping mom get some laundry ready for the washing machine.

They come to a pair of dad's pants and find two dollars.

Eliza asks mom if she can have it.

Mom tells Eliza to ask dad.

Dad's says "you can have one and one goes to your brother"

Daniel is almost 2 and doesn't have a place to put the money yet.

Realizing this dad yells to mom: "We need to get Daniel a piggy bank."

Eliza, who's in between mom and dad hears this and offers: "That's OK I'll keep it in MY piggy bank for him."


Teresa said...

I love your kids. :)

Roeckers said...

sorry I missed your call! I was snoozing and didn't hear the phone.