Monday, January 15, 2007

Baby blessing

We had Rainey blessed this weekend, and lucky for us he slept through the whole thing. My parents were there as well as several friends. Thank you to our bishopric, my dad, Alma, Eric, Mike, and Nick for being there for us and Rianey.

We knew we were blessed with a special spirit but the blessing let us know just how special he really is. I feel very honored to be trusted with such a jewel in my home, to teach and hopefully direct back to Heaven.

This is how Grandma Hovan and Rainey spent their afternoon. I guess the blessing wore them out :)

Here is the handsome young man all dressed for his very first Preisthood blessing.


bettyjh said...

Is all the company gone and you are left alone now with three children to tend by yourself? The "learning to have three" is a tricky adjustment. Go easy on yourself; things will get better!

roeckerfam said...

Reality doesn't start for another week. My parents are here until next Monday then I have to face life with three. I have only been alone with all three for an hour here and there, I dread next week.

Anonymous said...

Yes, definitely enjoy this week! Rainey is so cute and I love his blessing outfit.