Thursday, March 28, 2013

Case of the Blah's

This past week I have had a serious case of the Blah's.

I don't normally have a hard time getting out of bed (now, that wasn't always the case), or getting in a good workout, or being good about getting things done, this week I'm off. I can't tell if this is the residuals of last weeks serious case of the nasty-icky-sickies, or a case if the end-of-winter-need-sunlight-blues, or maybe the stress of moving. Whatever it is, I have zero desire to do much but eat and sleep. 
I certainly don't want to hear (or admit) what I really need to do.
So maybe I can plug my ears and sing really loud I can avoid reality a little longer
'Laa-laa-laaa! I don't hear you!'

 I need a plan to shake these blues and move on! I need a strategy to win this battle!
Maybe if I verbalize and record my "plan" I might actually do it...

1. Need to run!! Since the treadmill has been banished to the garage while showing the house, I've made every excuse not to use it out there. I workout 4-5xweek, but I need that extra cardio (2x30min/week) to banish my problem areas, and maintain weight. I know what works why don't I just do it?!

2. Banish sugar for a week (starting Monday). I need to detox, this serious sugar kick I have been on needs to stop.
3. Meal plan (now). I've already said it, I need a plan if I want to succeed. Plan 1-2days in advance. Get creative again!!

4. I need to read more! Scriptures, homeschooling books, or fiction, just read, escape, learn, grow.

5. Celebrate the successes and accomplishments no matter home big or small (mental high fives will do, no need to celebrate over chocolate or candies!)

Pardon the photos, the main computer is packed in the moving trailer already, gotta work with what I have on the portables

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jennifer anderson said...

but remember it 's ok to be tired.