Thursday, December 02, 2010


Every mother (at least every mother I know) has one of those children that make them question their ability to parent. Since I can remember Rainey has been the cutest but also the most difficult child to keep my cool with. One moment he bats those baby blues and his blond hair shines in the light, and he says in his cutest voice "I love you!" wrapping his arms around your neck, or he draws you the sweetest picture of the two of you playing together, or snuggles right up on your lap. The next moment he is throwing himself in the middle of the hospital parking lot screaming about how bad a mother you are and how much he hates you, as you attempt to visit a friend.
Tonight I relish in being his mother! With all his tantrums and tears he is my crafting partner and daytime buddy boy.
As we went to take him potty tonight we found him outside his bedroom door like this.

What a crazy boy! I think he was trying to use his invisible super powers, and failed.

Now as I sit at the computer I listen to Liza humming Deck the Halls in her sleep, Michael tossing in her bed, and Daniel yelling "Snacks please! SNACKS!" while he obviously dreams of food, I am enjoying being the mother of four fabulous kids!

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