Friday, November 19, 2010

Liza's 9th Birthday party!

Eliza had a grand day! We celebrated her birthday today! She came home to a surprise room make over (For details click here). Then came the party!
She felt like a princess! She was so polite and and a fabulous host. She planned the whole thing out! Thank goodness! I was so exhausted from the room makeover I don't think I could have made a big deal over the party too.
She made her own invites! She planned activities, delivered invites and was so very patient with me thru the whole thing.
The only thing I contributed to this party was a game and the funds for the food and party favors

I don't know the real name for this game. We just call it the M&M game.
We used to play this with our friend Bry way back in the day when Liza was the only kid.

You have to suck the M&Ms of your color off the plate with your straw, and transfer them to your cup.
Then Liza planned a little play time and then on to silly face contests!

LIke I said it was her party! She planned it! But it was fun, everyone participated even if not everyone wanted their picture taken...

But I got one anyways! This poor boy was the only 8/9yr old guy for most of the night until the last part when another one showed up. He says that is his plight in life. "The girls are always chasing me." He just blushed when I told him it was because of his dark brown eyes and dimple (plus he is just the most friendly, polite young man- who doesn't want a friend like that!)

This was round two of blowing out the candles cause Daniel and Rainey took care of round one much to Liza's dismay LOL
I love this girl! Happy birthday Lou!!

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