Tuesday, September 07, 2010

KIds say the darn'dest things

Liza's latest phrase has been
"That makes me red in the face MAD!"

Daniel's school is having a Grandparents day celebration next week. Knowing that most of the kids are military and don't have the luxury of living near family have suggested inviting a "special friend" instead. I asked him who he would like to invite.
D-"Like an Aunt?"
Me-Yup but you have no Aunts near
D- If I can't have a grandparent or an aunt. I want YOU!
Me- They are suggesting friends D. They want you to pick a special "friend" like Miss Kathy
D-(defiantly and very emotionally)Mom you ARE special to me. If I can't have you I want to stay home that day and cry.
All I could do is hold him and cry with him, how sweet!

Rainey was caught playing in the bathroom sink today. Upon asking what he was doing he replies with "I am panning for gold!" If only he found some!

She doesn't say more than Mama, and key-tee (kitty) but she sure is living up to her nick name these days. Our "Ape baby" is constantly climbing onto chairs (Yes kitchen chairs!) stools, beds, and the couch. She climbs up the front of the couch and then gets down off the to the side sliding down the arm. My little thrill seeker!

I know he is not a MY kid...need I add words?!

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