Friday, September 03, 2010


We love having chicken!

I never thought of myself as a country folk type of person.

But I love sneaking out of the house and listening to the birds as they purr at night. I love waking up to the crows of the roosters. I love watching their lovely colors as they run around the yard periodically.

Recently Jake thought their home needed some attention. So we painted the coop.

Jake had found some cheap oops paint at the store. The kids had a blast! The chickens love their newly painted home too I think. Well this week we started to love our chickens more!

Look what Daniel found! He was so excited. I personally am hoping Jake will get around to making some nesting boxes and the chickens will start laying in them, cause that coop is heavy. I had to left it so the kids could retrieve the egg.
So guess what Daniel had for breakfast?

Yup a yummy fresh home grown egg!
Thanks Chanda and Mike for the chickens and the coop!
We are grateful!


Mayzie said...

do you slaughter your chickens and make 'me into soup? Or just eat their eggs? What a good think to add to your food storage :D

The Favorite said...

Wow- That is so awesome of you, we had chickens growing up for a bit, but I was little and they had beaks so I didn't like them too much. Have fun!

The Samples Sampler said...

I am so jealous! I want chickens and fresh eggs!

Roeckers said...

We haven't slaughtered one yet. Jake is working up to it. We have a rooster that is getting quite mean, he needs to go. When he does we are making chicken and dumpling.
I am very surprised at how easy they are to keep.
Food storage is the main idea behind them. Jake wants to learn to be a little more self sufficient. We tried baby rabbits but the cats ate them, so we needed something a little more durable.

Roeckers said...

He did it! He slaughtered one! Yummy!