Monday, May 17, 2010


So I still haven't finished my Unfinished Projects mentioned in the last blog post, but I started and finished a few new ones ;-)

Two weeks ago was teacher appreciation week. A friend had made these HERE.
We fell in love with them and the kids and I put them together one afternoon.Liza's flowers were still drying so Jake dropped it off to Liza at school to give to her teacher.
This is Daniel's out in front of his school with his. Michael started screaming so I was unable to get a picture of him and his teacher with it ;-(I found this idea somewhere online...sorry to whom every I owe this idea credit. I love it! I have two of them I plan on hanging on the wall over our kitchen table. Now I need to find things to put in them and display.
I needed a trellis for my black berry bushes to grow up. I didn't want to wait to go into town to get something, nor did I want to spend money on them. So Liza and I took apart some old lawn chairs that had been left out in the weather and I deemed unfit to sit on. We unscrewed the one supporting leg and this is what we came up with.
I Hung these pictures several months ago but the wall looked unfinished. I found these letters on sale finished them up and put them on the wall. They are a little too high for my liking but for now they will do or maybe I can find some idea for under the pictures...I started this the week before your annv. Since 10yr gifts are tin/aluminum I thought this would be a great craft/gift to give Jake. I still haven't finished it! I am punching the image into a piece of ducting that I will then frame off. So far I am happy with the results I just have to sit and finish it.


Jeanette said...

Cute magnet boards ;)

The pallet shelves I originally saw on

I love the trellis too!! Awesome to use what you have!

Fun projects!!

Krista said...

lol, to infinity and beyond ;) Classic!

The Favorite said...

I love them all- especially the pictures on the wall!