Thursday, October 29, 2009


Yesterday morning I slept in. I forgot to set my alarm. Liza has her own alarm clock, and is very responsible each night in setting it and getting up each morning when it goes off. By the time I get out of bed she is usually up, dressed, and eating breakfast.

Yesterday, she didn't bother me until it was time for prayers before she had to go outside to catch the bus. She had made her lunch, combed her hair, even brushed her teeth, ready to go. I love how she takes pride in doing this each morning. She usually even sets out bowls for the boys breakfast. A big help.

Daniel on the other hand rolls out of bed in his lackadaisical way and putzes around all morning in his PJ's. He has no set order how he does things. The more I encourage him the less interested he is in doing anything. He has to be out of the house sometime between 1130 and noon to get to school on time depending on weither he takes the bus or I drive him out there. I have to start with lunch an hour before I need to leave. If I pick out his clothes that usually speeds the process up a few minutes. This morning we were up earlier than normal and he got dressed earlier than normal but some how we were still late for school. I don't understand the boy!

It reminds me of the days when my mother would send my sister Kim off to school well ahead of me. We lived only two blocks from school, but there was always something to discover on the way to school for her. Does anyone have any advise for my daudler? He is starting to get on my nerves!

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The McMullin Family said...

I know what you mean. I have tell Jonas 15 thousand times to do the same thing. I'm serious, they don't have a Mama ear sometimes. The one thing, that has happened to us before is, that he was not able to go somewhere, because he was doing other things instead of getting dressed. Sometimes, if I tell Jonas it's his responsibility to do something and totally step away (even though it's hard) then he'll actually does it. Doesn't always work, but he gets a sense of pride in that and wants to do good.
Sometimes reasoning with him works. I have to explain to him in detail that if he doesn't get dressed, then the consequence is, he can't do something or go somewhere. It's worked. So, I'm thinking, maybe do something like: if Daniel is not dressed on time to go to school, he can't go outside after school for the time he's been late to school because of his daudeling. I know it's not fun, but maybe that'll help.