Sunday, October 25, 2009

More baby

We have been having a fun time getting use to our newest member of our family.She was the most perfect baby until we got thrush at three weeks. We fought getting rid of it for ten days with two different medications. After a priesthood blessing and a little personal revelation we were able to heal and get on with enjoying each others company again. She is once again the most perfect baby. We still have our NIGHTS but for the most part she is a great sleeper and very tolerant of her siblings, and our crazy life.

Currently we are having to adjust from focusing on the baby to equally dividing up our time with all four kids. Rainey has voiced his need to get a few more minutes of attention. So we have had to get creative with how to make them feel special on car rides, while putting them to sleep, while cleaning house, at dinner time, or any other spare moment we can find to do one on one time.

Not much really to blog about. Life is all about kids, school, and soccer. We are excited and starting our preps for Thanksgiving. We are excited to have so many family members to join us for Jake's promotion, Liza's baptism and Michael's blessing. Well here are a few pics of Michael in her new Sunday dressI had to post this one. People always ask how I can paint her fingers. Well this is how she holds her hands. Rarely does she hold them in a fist or grip someones fingers.


KellyLady said...

soooo beautiful!

The Favorite said...

I love her pictures. You do such a great job!