Tuesday, August 25, 2009


All of my children have started to act out this past week or so. At first I was thinking it was just the start of school and summer coming to an end but I am realizing it goes deeper than that.

Today Rainey and I had plans for our afternoon without the older two, but they were put on hold when Liza's school nurse called to say she had a 102F temperature. So we picked her up, dropped Daniel off and then came home so she could "rest"-HA! Rainey was quite ornery the rest of the afternoon and evening.

I have noticed the kids jealousy when I start decorating projects for the baby's room when I haven't even finished decorating their rooms. They all want to help but the projects I have chosen they are a bit, umm...under qualified to help with.

As I responded to a question from one of the ladies back in CT I realized there are limited number of weeks left where it will be just three! I took time to snuggle my boys while in bed, to thank Liza for her willingness to get her brothers breakfast table all set up the night befor (her idea). I may be on edge these past few weeks, and a bit more grouchier, and louder than normal but in reality I have the best kids! I wouldn't change anyone of them!

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