Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Awoken with a fright

So my dear husband, if you don't know is quite politically involved. So I shouldn't be surprised...

This morning I kicked him out of bed so I could go back to sleep and not worry about him sleeping in. Not twenty minutes later he busts open the door with urgency and says "Chriss, you still awake?"
J-"HE died!" he declares prophetically like I should know who he was talking about
Me- My mind is racing, who do we know that we are expecting to die? The adrenaline is pulsing...someone we care about has past who could it be? Concerned I manage a "Who?"
J- "Ted Kennedy, you know the guy I was talking to you about yesterday!"

He woke me up to talk politics at 4 something in the morning and somehow worked in bearing his testimony and then left me with the rush, and disappointment that it wasn't something more, ummm, shall we say noteworthy. Only Jake! I've gotta love him, he is mine for eternity!


Krista said...

ROFL ... I am sorry to be laughing at your lack of sleep ... but come on! Wakes you up to tell you Ted died? Priceless.

Roeckers said...

You are telling me! Then he went on to tell me how the Good Lord is answering his prayers- the absence of Ted's vote for the Filla buster and the Obamacare bill will help stunt them getting past. Gotta love a passionate man! LOL