Sunday, July 12, 2009

Food storage update...

As I stated in an earlier post I caught the food storage bug. While in Texas last weekend visiting the Tyler's, good friends twice over from Germany, I got hold of the June ensign and read up on food storage. I came home even more dedicated to making a plan to increase my food storage, so if something happens, or inflation kicks in we can supplement part of our food budget with our food storage items.

My plan is simple, to increase what we have slowly, both can goods, and food in the freezer. Making bimonthly goals (payday goals splitting the price of meals into to paydays), and weekly goals of things to add to the deep freeze. Thus building up the # of meals in our food storage available, and eliminating the snack food I buy replacing it with homemade goods which cut costs now.

I have picked two meals a month that I wish to add to our food storage. My goal is to have enough for 7-10days (depending on price and number of ingredients) of each meal. This month my goal was to buy the remaining ingredients for ten days of my Bean chili, and for 7 days of Enchiladas. I also wanted to add 4loaves of homemade bread, 2doz cookies, and 1doz muffins in the freezer by the end of the week. I managed to add four loaves of bread, a loaf of carrot bread, a loaf of banana bread, and 18carrot muffins (all made with my fresh ground flour)- not exactly what I set out to accomplish but still an increase. This next week I plan on adding another two loaves of bread, 2 dozen homemade tortillas, 2doz zucchini muffins (with our first fresh zucchini from our garden this year), and 2doz buns.

It has worked out well to join my laundry day with my baking day. I plan on being home all that day anyways, I may as well get it all done at once. If anyone out there has some good cookie/muffin/easy food storage recipes let me know.

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The Bundys said...

What are your carrot bread and carrot muffin recipes? I have carrots coming out the wazoo!!

I love the idea of having food storage...I wish we had room for it in our tiny apartment...